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Development cooperation Timor-Leste  (Democratic Republic of East Timor)


When Timor-Leste was separated from Indonesia in 1999, it was placed under the control of the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor.

Timor-Leste became independent in 2002 but for the first years of independence the country was dependent on UN experts and foreign finance. Since then progress has been made, and Timor-Leste has for some time now been able to finance part of its development with its own oil and natural gas revenues. Yet, due to the lack of skilled manpower, there is still a need for foreign specialists for many years ahead and this action demands foreign financing as well.

The development cooperation between Timor-Leste and Finland is aimed at supporting the development of the civil society in Timor-Leste, as well as to alleviate the widespread poverty. So far the projects have concentrated on the following fields:

  • Supporting human rights and democratic development
  • Increasing economic interaction and reduction of poverty
  • Preventing environmental threats
  • Supporting gender equality and disabled people
  • Strengthening of local cultural identity

Since 2005 additional issues have been added to the list to strengthen the relationship between Finland and Timor-Leste and to increase the interaction between the people of the countries.

Increasing the number of rural projects is also a vital objective. At least 50 % of the projects are planned to be located outside the capital city of Dili. Rural areas became the main focus already at the end of 2004 when two project agreements outside the capital (Vecom and Vertude) were concluded.

The Local Cooperation Fund

New applications for funding are currently not received. Any changes on the situation will be announced on this website accordingly.

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